TUF History


934945_598582743516041_1966472878_nThe Ultimate Fly was a blog-site that highlighted the up and coming artist, whether he or she be a rapper, singer, poet, graffiti artist, engineer, producer, fashion designer or party promoter. I ran TUF for the first three years of my college career attending THEE Mississippi State University. Through this blog I have established many relationships regarding college-business students and/or urban entrepreneurs as a whole. Through the years the blog has gotten me very far in regards to networking. I am the sole creator, editor and owner of the blog. The Ultimate Fly: Talking Billboard is now a blog I am using to keep my viewers updated on collegian articles, underground art, local/regional leadership opportunities, community service awareness as well as campus and city events.


As I begin to e x p a n d there will be other bloggers involved in features such as Hip-Hop, Technology, Movies, Hair and Miscellaneous Product Reviews! TUF will also be hosting many INSTANT giveaways as well as short-term sweepstakes! On the other hand, I am providing consumers with various “underground” products. You will see exclusive apparel such as Skool Clothes, Club Chase, J.Noir Clothing, Wavy Clothing, KY Raised and Wolves Premium. In time, consumers will be able to purchase vintage consignment items I’ve picked up along my journeys.